Dynamic Online Reports Overview
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Dynamic Online Reports

The following Dynamic Online Reports are available

Dynamic Online Reports Instructional Video

Features Offered
  1. PreSets
        - provide easy Save and Restore of Data Selections, and Chart and Grid Parameter settings.
  2. Flexible Element Selector
        - provides easy selection of database subsets showing available data in subsets selected.
  3. Multi Select Element Selector
        - provides option to constrain data to multiple values on one field.
  4. Excel Export Functionality
        - provides for easy export of data to Excel.
  5. Print Preview
  6. Flexible Sorting
        - enables sorting of Chart Pieces, Chart Groups, by Element Titles or Data Values.
  7. Easy Axis Rotation
        - enables easy data view alteration.
  8. Separate Chart and Grid Displays
        - Charts and Grids are displayed and controled thru three different panels and sets of parameters.
  9. Calculations
        - offers % of Chart Group and % of Chart Page as calculations.
  10. Seamless Chart Type Conversion
        - provides easy change of one chart type to another.
  11. Multi Page Charts
        - provides for easy arrangement of multiple pages of a chart within one chart space section. Each page differs by its selection on the 'Page Dimension'.
  12. Multi Charts
        - provides for multiple Charts to be defined.
  13. Same Scaling across Multi Page Charts
        - optionally enables auto-scaling across any number of Charts in a Multi Page Chart.
  14. BiScale Charting
        - optionally enables selected data to be charted according to two separate scales.
  15. Trend Lines

plus more...

Dynamic Online Report Types

Each Dynamic Online Report contains three Report Types (Sections) that display the Selected Data

  • Chart
  • Cross Tab Report
  • Columnar Report
The Report Types display the data quanties for the data selected in the way requested by the parameter sections. Each Report Type can be updated separately or they can all be updated at once. This flexiblity allows the User to display the same or different data subset selections in each Report Type within a Report.
Dynamic Online Report Sections

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Each Dynamic Online Report contains the following Sections

PreSet Data Selections and Views
  • PreSets

        - Each Report allows the user to save and restore current parameter selections specified for data selection and data display in 'PreSets'. Those PreSets can then be selected for future display in that Report.

Select Data to View
  • Selection Values

        - The User can select data values that are used to constrain the data.

        When a Selection Field Value is selected, the data reported from is reduced to only the data records that have that constraining selected value. The remaining Selection Fields will have their available Values also reduced to what is available in the new subset created by that selection constraint.

    Multi-Select allows the user to select multiple values from a Selection Field that are used to constrain the data. Multi-Select can be used on any number of fields.

  • Measures

        - The Measures available to the Reports vary for each Report.

    The Measures available by Report are as follows:

    • Expanded Report -
      Sum_MTOWmTons (Maximum Takeoff Weight),
      Sum_SeatsMax (Seats Maximum),
      Sum_SeatsTyp (Seats Typical)
    • Summary Report - Sum_Units
    • Orders Report - Sum_Units
    • Backlog Report - Sum_Units
    • Removals Report -

    The Measure selected determines what quantity is displayed in the Chart or Report. The Measures selected are put in a list (Dimension) called 'Measures' and appended to the list of Fields available for Reporting. These Fields will display what Values and quantities of those values exist in the selected subset of data when the Field is assigned to a Reporting axis such as Columns or Rows.

    If the 'Measures' Dimension is associated with a Chart or Grid Axis, the selected Measure Field Values list is displayed on that Chart or Grid Axis, and data values for those 'Measures' Values are correspondingly displayed.

    If the 'Measures' Dimension is not associated with a Chart or Grid Axis, then the first 'Measure' selected is used to display the data values (except in Columnar Grid).

View Selected Data as 'Chart'
  • Chart Parameters

    The Chart Parameters contains specifications for the following:

    • Chart Type
    • Chart Axis Associations - Database Column to associate with Rows and Columns.
    • Chart Page Axis Association (optional) - Database Column to associate with Pages.

    • Appearance
      • Page Title Location (optional)
      • Chart Group Titles Direction
      • Tabular Number Display option
      • Color Palette
      • Chart Size
      • Margin
      • 3D
      • Fill Type
      • Tabular in Chart Piece Color
    • Legend
      • Legend Location
      • Legend Formating...
    • Backgrounds
      • Select Chart Part
      • Select Colors or Image

    • Fonts
      • Select Text Group
      • Select Font Size and Colors
    • Annotations and Images
      • Edit, Add, and Delete Annotations and Images
      • Select Position and Size
      • Select Display Text and/or Image

    • BiScale
      • Display Second Scale
      • Optionally associate last item to second Scale
    • Sort and Data
      • Sort by: Title or Value
      • Sort Direction
      • Calculation - 'Data Value', or '% of Chart Part'
      • Trend Line option
    • Multi Page Chart - Display multipe Pages of a Single Chart Defintion
      • Page Grid Layout
      • Same Scale - create common scale over all Chart Pages in this Chart Defintion
    • Multi Chart
      • Add or Delete additional Chart Definitons (for the Same DataSet)
      • Edit all above Parameters for each Chart Defintion

    The 'Multi Chart' option allows the user to create Multiple Charts within the Chart space. 'Multi Chart' differs from 'Multi Page Chart' in that 'Multi Chart' has one set of parameter specifications for each Chart. Each Chart (in a 'Multi Chart') displays one Chart, each in its own section of the Chart space.

    A 'Multi Page Chart' is one Chart Definition that displays multiple pages of that Chart Definition. Each page in a 'Multi Page Chart' is a different selection value on the 'Page Dimension'.

    For Example, a Multi Chart could have two Charts, the first having the 'Multi Page Chart' option off, thus showing one page, and a second Chart having the 'Multi Page Chart' option on showing four pages. A total of five 'charts' would be displayed, one being with the first 'Chart' and four being in the second 'Chart'.

  • Chart

        - Creates or Prints Chart for the current selection of parameters.

    The Chart uses all Measures selected if the 'Measures' Dimension is associated with a Report Axis, otherwise it uses the first Measure selected.

View Selected Data as 'Cross Tab Report'
  • Cross Tab Report Parameters

    The Cross Tab Report has the following parameters:

    • Calculation - Data Value, or % of Grid Part
    • Grid Axis Associations - displays existing values in the data subset on the associated Axis.
    • Sort Parameters - by Title or Data Value

  • Cross Tab Report

    Allows the following options:

    • Creates Report for the current selection of parameters
    • Displays Report in separate window for Printing
    • Download Report to Excel

    The Cross Tab Report uses all Measures selected if the 'Measures' Dimension is associated with a Report Axis, otherwise it uses the first Measure selected.

View Selected Data as 'Columnar Report'
  • Columnar Report Parameters

    - Select the SubTotal Break Fields that sums should be created for.
    - The Columnar Report sums the Selected Measure Fields for every unique combination of values in the selected SubTotal Break Fields.

  • Columnar Report

    Allows the following options:

    • Creates Report for the current selection of parameters
    • Displays Report in separate window for Printing
    • Download Report to Excel

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